Henecia & Triple S


I pray not to release this hand even if I die. I promise to walk with you until the end of time. I vow to keep the beautiful memories and even the days that we cried.

Henecia & Triple S

I’m so busy, that I didn’t even know that you didn’t call for three days and thirteen hours.

track: haruharu ; artist: VIP fandom ; album: 2011 YG Family concert live ; played 114785 times

Have you ever heard something this fascinating and beautiful. Haru Haru sung by V.I.P crowd.

Baekhyun // coloring.
Baekhyun // coloring.

Because to BamBam, sponge and spongebob are the same

i am so glad this exists


Hyun Joong at Jaksal Chicken 20.10.11

"This guy is really amazing…as he said in hin interviews, he wants to live a normal life even he’s already a star. He doesn’t want to lock himself in his house just beause fans follow him where ever he is. And if so he will gladly pose for a photo with them. This is one simple example, he raised his soju glass to the guests, then just go on with his business as if nothing happen or as if he’s not there, because the crowd behaved around him.Amazing ^^